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Penguins with mozzarella and olives

Penguins with mozzarella and olives

Recipe Pinguini with mozzarella and olives of 27-12-2017 [Updated on 27-12-2017]

The penguins with mozzarella and olives are a very tasty appetizer that your guests will love, without the slightest doubt. You can prepare these cute penguins throughout the winter, including holidays, but also in midsummer given the choice of ingredients. It goes without saying that children will go crazy when they see them, even remembering the famous cartoon character named "Pingu". So for your New Year's Eve dinner, if you want to delight even the little ones, make this recipe, perhaps even with their help, you will certainly bring a touch of joy to the table.


How to make mozzarella and olive penguins

Prepare the ingredients.
Cut half of the olives in two parts, peel the carrot and cut into slices.
Spread a little Philadelphia on one side of the mozzarella.

Now use each carrot slice, without a triangle, as a base.
Stick it with a toothpick and add the mozzarella on top.
Attach two halves of olives on each side to the cheese and skewer one to form the head.

Use the carrot triangle you removed from the base to make the beak.

Your mozzarella and olives penguins are ready to be brought to the table.

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