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Court Rules Deutsche Bahn Unfair to Fire Sleeping Chef

Court Rules Deutsche Bahn Unfair to Fire Sleeping Chef

Deutsche Bahn chef fired for sleeping on the job


A Deutsche Bahn chef got her job back when a judge said it was unfair to fire her for sleeping.

A Deutsche Bahn train chef who was fired for sleeping an entire train ride has been reinstated after a German court declared the firing was unfair.

According to The Local, the chef worked in a restaurant car for the train company. Seven hours later, she woke up when the train arrived in Basel, Switzerland. Seven weeks later, a letter from Deutsche Bahn informed her that she had been fired over the incident because she should have submitted a doctor’s note explaining the missed work.

But yesterday a judge in Cologne said the firing was unfair because the “totally normal way of colleagues looking out for each other” hadn’t happened. The judge said the chef’s managers or colleagues should have woken her up, and Deutsche Bahn had to give her job back.

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